6 Ways To Use Essential Oils

6 Ways To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are very easy to use at home and have many different uses. They can be used in your bath, massage,compresses,creams,vapourisers and steam inhalation

  1. Massage

This is one of the most popular ways to use essential oils. Aromatherapy massage can help with stress, skin conditions, muscle pain and a general feeling of wellbeing.

  1. Compresses

Both hot and cold compresses can be used.

Hot compresses are useful for muscular aches and pains whereas cold compresses are better for joint sprains and headaches.

  1. Baths

This is a lovely way to use essential oils.

Oils do not dissolve in water so they need to be mixed with an emulsifier before adding to the bath. You can use an unperfumed bath soak, shower gel, shampoo or full fat milk! You can mix 5-6 drops with your chosen emulsifier and then add to the bath.

The warm water encourages relaxation and it also enables oils to penetrate the skin.

*The same principal can be used for a foot bath*


  1. Oil Burners/Vaporisers

  Oil burners are small bowls placed over a nightlight candle. Water is placed in the bowl and      2 drops of your chosen essential oil is added. The heat from the candle evaporates whatever is in the bowl. The water should be topped up every so often or it will burn dry causing a bitter smell and can sometimes lead the bowl to crack if overheated.

Diffusers have an electric pump and emit a fine mist of oil/essence. Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed.

Radiators- 2 drops of essential oil can be added to a cotton ball and placed on or behind the radiator. The heat from the radiator will evaporate the oil.

  1. Inhalation

Essential oils can be added to a bowl of very hot water and then inhaled in the steam.

This is very effective for Sinus congestion, respitory problems, blocked pores and clearing skin. *This method is not recommended for asthmatics*

  1. Creams/Lotions

Essential oils can be mixed with any unperfumed base cream or lotion. This is great if you want to use more natural skincare products. You can also use the essential oils to suit your skin type.