Distant Energy Healing

Distant Angelic Healing

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a gentle hands-on noninvasive treatment which “gets the issues out of tissues”

It helps clear away the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy blockages while you relax in a warm comfortable setting.

Nine healing Angels are invited to assist in removing the blockages by working with the healer. IET is a very effective healing treatment based on integrating in the pain of the past into the present to clear the energetic path at a cellular level for a happy and healthy future.

Katie will call you via Zoom for a guidance chat to see what you would like to get from your healing and what you need to let go of energetically.

Katie will then carry out the IET connecting with her angel guides and your energy  as you relax at home. This is carried out post zoom call. You will be asked to find a comfy space, play some relaxing music or silence and be open to receiving all the loving energy channeled from the angels through Katie to you.

This will help clear any blockages and release fear, anger, shame, comparisons and many more emotions we hold throughout our time here on earth.

Following on from the healing Katie will send you feedback and guidance from the treatment Via WhatsApp.

Tools such as oracle cards, recommended guided meditations and  Katie’s intuition will guide this call to help integrate the energy.

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