How To Get The Most From Your Massage

How To Get The Most From Your Massage

A massage can be very therapeutic, it can help reduce anxiety, relieve muscle tension, and pain leading to a more calm and relaxed body, who doesn’t want that! When you know what to expect and how to prepare for a massage you will get the full benefit of your massage appointment.

|1| Drink Plenty of Water Before And After Your Appointment

Make sure you are hydrated before you go to your massage appointment and prepared to drink plenty of water following your appointment. Ultimately, stressed muscles lead to inflammation and toxin build up that can block essential nutrients and oxygen from getting to where they need to go and thus contributing to pain and stress. A massage starts to break up and release those built-up toxins as your therapists loosens your muscles. Massage gets your blood and oxygen circulating as they should but a massage is dehydrating in nature. Staying hydrated before and after a massage  is recommended because the water helps flush those released toxins out. If you don’t like water increase your herbal tea’s just watch your caffeine intake as some herbal teas do contain caffeine.


When your prepare for a massage, plan to wear or at least bring loose comfortable clothing with you. This will help to begin your relaxation process. You will be asked to undress, to your comfort level, for your massage. Wearing loose clothing to your massage will make the undressing process much easier for you. After your massage, you may feel tender or just extremely relaxed and you will appreciate not having to put on restrictive clothing.

|3| Please Don’t Wear Makeup

If you come for an Indian Head massage or full body massage please if at all possible don’t wear makeup. Facial massage is always a nice way to end a treatment and can also help drain any fluid from the face, and helping with blocked sinuses.


Your massage therapist is there to help you feel better. If you have a specific problem area or purely just want to relax on the table – let your therapist know. I will always custom your treatment for you. This is your time and I want you to get the most out of that time. Also if you don’t like having music on or if it is too low/high please always let me/your therapist know. It’s all part of your experience!

|5| Post Treatment Epsom Salt Bath

I Recommend having a nice hot epsom salt bath post treatment to all of my clients. This will help to relax your muscles as they may be tender afterwards. It is also said to help draw excess toxins from the body helping with the healing process 🙂 I personally also add my favourite essential oils to my bath.

If you have any other tips please let me know.

Katie x