Neal’s Yard Organic Facials

Core Skincare Ranges

• Frankincense
o Something of a wonder ingredient, the precious golden pearls of resin, gathered
from the bark of the frankincense tree, are renowned for their highly regenerative,
anti-ageing, hydrating and healing properties.
o Frankincense is at the heart of our Anti-Ageing skincare collection.

• Rose
o Rose Centifolia & Damascena Rose
o Naturally rehydrating, soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory
o Hundred-petalled and damask rose oils are the perfect ingredients for enhancing
moisture and radiance.

• Orange Flower
o Orange flower oil, or neroli as it’s also known, has long been revered for its skinnourishing,
hydrating qualities.
o Naturally replenishing, it helps combat wrinkles, boosts skin’s elasticity and being
antioxidant, helps protect against premature ageing.

• Palmarosa
o Naturally balancing, palmarosa controls sebum secretions where skin is oily, while
adding essential hydration where skin is dry.
o Fantastic for anyone with oily or combination skin and being naturally antiseptic, it’s
perfect for those occasional blemishes too.
• Starflower
o Soothing Starflower has been scientifically formulated with potent natural
ingredients to help soothe, calm, strengthen and protect the skin against irritation.
o All are free from synthetic colour, fragrance, alcohol and parabens.
o Dermatologically tested.
o Sensitive skin can be caused by a number of factors, including the harsh ingredients
in cosmetics and fabric conditioner, over-use of water and detergents, weather,
stress and even poor diet.