Reflexology and seasonal allergies

Reflexology and seasonal allergies

Reflexology can be beneficial in treating symptoms relating to seasonal allergies for example hayfever usually due to grass pollen in the air.  Symptoms can include: Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and low energy. As I have suffered from hayfever quite bad throughout the summer months myself for around 12 years I have tried many things to help. I found Reflexology to help calm these symptoms.

It is recommended to have reflexology leading up to the summer months or period of time that you are affected most. Pollen is usually at its peak in June-August in Ireland and so I would recommend having regular treatments beginning in April. The reason for this is your reflexologist can work on each area affected and build up some resistance within the immune system to help calm all those symptoms.

What are the main areas that will be focused on during your reflexology session?

Sinuses/Eyes/Nose/Throat: This will help to clear blocked sinuses or excess mucus produced within the sinus cavities.

Thymus Gland: This will help strengthen the immune system.

Chest/Lung/Bronchials: This will release any congestion and help with breathing.

Solar Plexus: This will reduce stress in the body and relax breathing.

Lymphatic System: This helps produce antibodies and build up the immune system.



It is recommended to have an hour reflexology session fortnightly leading upto the summer months and if symptoms persist having weekly reflexology will help.