Relax Your Soul Sunday

Are you an over thinker, stressed, suffering with anxiety, finding it hard to concentrate , would like to join like minded women for support or looking to invite a more positive outlook on life? Then this is for you!

My aim for this Sunday circle is to create a space for you to relax, let go, just be and to bring awareness to your mind and body through mindfulness meditations.

Aswell as offering journal prompts , I will also incorporate my own spiritual rituals ,group energy healing and angel cards each week depending on the energy of the group. You simply have to come as you are, get comfy , and allow me to hold a space and guide you.

You will come away from this Circle feeling relaxed, restored and ready for your week ahead. It is also a beautiful space to connect with other women who can relate to and support you.


Monthly on Sunday Evenings in The River Room, River Holistic Centre.