Setting Up Your Sacred Space

Having a spiritual altar in your home is one way in which you can connect to the sacred and your spirituality on a daily basis. Here are some tips on how you can get started.
Your altar is an outer representation of your inner attunement. It’s a way of honoring yourself by having a place that is solely yours and represents your ideals. Over time, just entering into the space of the altar has an effect on your energy and mood. I instantly feel connected to my angel and spirit guides.

Your altar could be on a small table or platform, but it could also be on a shelf or tabletop. Whether you make a small altar or a large one, keep your special space dedicated to its purpose. Place protective boundaries around the area, and keep it clear and clean from clutter.

What Goes On My Altar?

Everyone’s altar will be different, it depends on what supports you in your spiritual practice. Make It what you wish but here are examples…

♡  Sacred Items – Theses are things like an item a family member may have passed down to you. I have Sacred Water, My nannies Necklace she gave to me when she was here on earth and Angel Ornaments on my altar.

♡  Crystals- I love having crystals on my altar to charge the space. I use selenite to absorb negative energy and raise the vibration. Amethyst will also help to increase spiritual energy and allow me to connect to my intuition when I come to meditate at my altar.

♡ Elements of Nature- I have beautiful candles to represent the fire, air, and space elements. Live flowers in a vase represent the earth and water elements as well as sea shells or sticks from nature… whatever you feel drawn to use.

♡ I choose a daily guidance card from one of my oracle cards, this gives me guidance for my day ahead.

♡ Essential Oils- I like to keep my Aromatherapy Roller Ball Blends on my altar and allow my intuition to guide me to what I need in that moment Wether it is anxiety relief, energy boosting, spiritual connection or relaxing(sleep) I love having them here to charge energetically also with my crystals.

Make your altar your safe space, choose what feels right for you to have on it..

I cleanse my space weekly but there are times I have to cleanse it daily (when I am feeling low) depending on my own energy.

To energetically cleanse Your space, you could use sound (e.g. clapping your hands or using a singing bowl), scent (e.g. burning incense or a smudge stick, sage essential oil), light (e.g. lighting a candle or opening the windows and letting the sunshine in), visualization, asking your guardian angel or Archangel Michael to clear your space and protect it or even a simple dust and sweep of the room.

If the surrounding space feels energetically ungrounded to you, you may like to use a an earthy stone such as black tourmaline to ground the energy.

Have fun and I am excited to hear how you connect with your sacred space!

Katie x