Start Your Day On A Lighter Note

When I tell you I was never a morning person I mean , I WAS NEVER A MORNING PERSON!

Even when I had Daniel it would absolutely kill me to get out of bed and I was lucky he was never a 5am baby more like 8am but it still took forever to get up and get motivated.

It was only in the first lockdown I really started to look at why It was so hard for me to get moving.

After lots of inward work I discovered there were two factors. 1) I am very sensitive to light so I can get up easier on brighter mornings and not so much on dark gloomy mornings making winter a nightmare! 2) I have over time told myself consistently that I am not a morning person so of course I am going to feel like that and have no motivation to get up and get moving. This lead me to address and learn how to let go of this condition thought pattern.

So I signed up for a 7 day Sunrise Cacao around May 2020 and even the idea of getting up at 5:30 absolutely scared me but you know what , after all of the journaling and realizing that this was just a conditioned thought and it wasn’t true.. I was able to jump up every morning join in the zoom call and then go straight to the beach at around 7 am and oh my god was it so amazing. I will mention that it was made easier because John was home to mind Daniel while I Snook off to the beach and if you have kids you will understand the peace and comfort of being up before your kids!

So it didn’t stop there , I decided to do monthly Sunrise meditations on the beach with some of you amazing women again at 5/6 am and I can honestly say it changed me and my life realizing that I can choose how I spend my morning. I am not lazy, or there is nothing wrong with me. I allowed my thoughts to rule who I am and what I do until I started to question if they are true or not!

If you find you are struggling to get your day started I have added some tips below for creating a morning routine setting you up for a more productive day and allowing you to become mindful of how you want your day to continue.

  1. Set your alarm to wake up a little earlier and connect with your mind and body before even checking notifications or getting back to emails! It’s easy for me to say get straight up and meditate but I know it is not easy for everyone so to even just sit quietly and check in with your thoughts and how you feel will make a huge difference. I personally lie there and ask my angels for protection for that day and ask them to guide me in everything I do.

2. Writing out what you’re grateful for can shift your mind into a positive mindset. You go from thinking about what you don’t have in your life to only focusing on the things the universe has blessed you with. This connects to you the abundance mindset that shifts you into a higher vibration.

3.Make Your Bed – Cleaning is a form of therapy. When your external world is clean, organized, and neat, your mind experiences ease. There is no mystery that your physical space has an impact on your mind. Before leaving to start your day, make your bed. You’ll thank yourself later once you come home.

4. Diffuse uplifting essential oils- diffusing uplifting oils like Orange, Bergamot, Lime will give you that boost and energy you need for the day ahead, also using my energy roller ball blend on your pulse points will allow you to feel energized.

5.A simple morning walk or yoga is a great way to start your day. I’ve found a morning walk to be quite beneficial.(I do this after I bring Daniel to school however as John currently works early so I can’t leave the house first thing) A simple breath of fresh air to fill your lungs while watching the morning sunlight appear is therapeutic. It may seem daunting at first because of the cold weather. But once you return home, you feel refreshed.

Remember, 15 minutes around the block is enough if you are stuck for time.

6.. Write your intentions or “To-Do” list for the day – I know generally our actual To-Do list is super long. But it’s pointless (and discouraging) to write down absolutely everything you need to do in that one day on any list. So to keep yourself happy, it’s a better idea to focus on your top three items for the day only. What absolutely needs to get done today? (Not next week or next month or just sometime soon.) Focusing on making those three wins early in the day sets you up to be insanely productive, instead of totally stressed out.

Simply practicing these 6 things consistently will allow you to get motivated for your day ahead.

Release self judgement and try again if it takes a while to adjust.

Lots of Love,

Katie x