The Power Of Journaling

For many years now I have journaled my thoughts & emotions, good or bad. I find it so amazing looking back and seeing how far I have come and how I lived my day to day. My Journal Is like my personal therapist at the end of the day…

Journaling for me is capturing amazing moments and not so amazing moments on paper, raw and unfiltered. If I am happy, I write, if I am stressed, I write (I call it a brain dump) releasing all my worries on paper. I like to journal at the end of my day but there is no right time, journal when you feel like it .. Morning, Midday or Evening time!

Journaling, as a stress management and self-exploration tool, works best when done consistently, but even occasional, sporadic journaling can be stress relieving when the practice is focused on gratitude or emotional processing.

What are the benefits of keeping a Journal?

  • It reduces Stress
  • You will become more mindful of your emotions and may see a pattern of what triggers your emotions leading you to react better in stressful situations
  • It Is a non-judgemental place to express freely
  • If used as a gratitude journal it will change your mind from a naturally negative to positive thinking mind over time

So, what exactly do I write, you ask?

You can write absolutely anything you wish…

Write from your heart. Write about your day and all the amazing things you are grateful for.

If you do choose like me to use it as a daily Journal, I have written a list of Journal prompts overleaf for you to get started. I would generally pick one or two prompts and let my hand flow, you will be so surprised at how much you write when you truly open your heart and let your emotions flow.

You may like to create a comfy, safe space alone before you start…

When I need extra self-care, I like to light some candles, burn my favourite incense, and focus on my breathe for 5 minutes. This allows me to connect with my mind and body without any distractions and my energy flows better for journaling.

Journal Prompt Ideas

Choose one or two to get your mind flowing…

  • How am I feeling today/this week?
  • What 5 things am I grateful for?
  • What was the most peaceful moment during the day?

If you wish to go a bit deeper…

  • Who inspires me? Why?
  • Am I you living to my full potential? If not, why?
  • What was my biggest learning moment this week?
  • What is my soul purpose in life?