Using Sacred Essential Oils For Your Mind,body & Spirit

I know you have all at one stage used essential oils for their amazing properties, but did you know that some are more than just oils, the are sacred oils. These oils contain within them special energies and sacred properties.

When we use essential oils we often decide on the oil we like through our sense of smell as our olfactory system is stimulated. The practice of using sacred oils is to connect with the energy of the oil , allowing it to connect us to our spirit guides, spirit animals or wisdom of the plant that the oil comes from. So it is not about the scent of the oil at all but the spiritual properties.

Ways you can use Sacred Oils:

~ Meditation

~To heal emotional wounds you are ready to let go off

~As part of your daily ritual for connecting with your angels/Spirit guides

~To create a sacred space

~To Cleanse Your Aura

There are 20 known Sacred Oils, I will introduce you to 3 that you may have already heard of or used.

Rules for blending oils.

When Diffusing; 4-6 drops in water in your diffuser

To apply to skin: 2 drops of essential oil for every 5ml of base oil (coconut, grapeseed or organic rapeseed oil)

*I personally like to make the blend of each oil up in a roller ball so I can rub on my pulse points and third eye and connect that way but you make like to diffuse and meditate in the room and connect that way.

How to connect with each oil:

  1. First create your sacred space , this can be anywhere in your home. ( If you read last week’s article you can work near your sacred altar with all the things you love on it)
  2. Clear the energy with sage or prayer of intention
  3. Make sure to have a comfy spot you can meditate in.
  4. Light your candles and connect with your breathe.


Frankincense is generally used to energetically clear and purify a space often used in rituals and traditional church’s.

Frankincense helps to open your third eye and to understand the sacred wisdom of spirit. It strengthens your spiritual connection. When you meditate with Frankincense it helps the flow of energy move through your body and energy field recharging your aura.


Patchouli helps ground us and bring us back down to earth.

It is so connected with Mother earth and feminine energy therefore when working with energy during an energy healing or meditation this oil is best to keep us in our physical bodies!

The oil of abundance to help us manifest quicker (wooo)


Rose is the oil of both spirit and soul. It is a heart opening oil that allows you to connect with your emotions, your angels and to allow love to flow into your life.

Rose will bring you peace, emotional support, healing compassion and consciousness .

Every person will gain different insight from working with the oils. Just go with your intuition and do not second guess what each oil has to offer you.