Hi Lovely,

Welcome to the beginning of your inward journey.

I am so excited to work with you and all of the amazing women who have also joined us.

Are you a little nervous?

That’s okay and totally normal, lets be real honest here. When is the last time you have set aside time for yourself to release,heal and grow spiritually and mentally?

For some maybe not so long ago but for most of you here it may have been NEVER!

All I ask is that you come into this with a completely open mind. I am here to guide and support you . It is upto you to do the work too.

I will give you “homework” to do throughout the week, with email check ins on Wednesdays to see if there is anything I can do to help.

Things you may need to get the most from your journey:

~A notebook/journal for notes

~Sage/incense or Palo Santo for clearing your space/altar

~Essential oils (not necessary but I will be recommending oils each week) I will be sending out my spiritual oil blend to each of you to help you connect with your own spirit guides on our calls.

Our Zoom calls are strictly private as I hold the space I want you to be able to open up fully and express in this safe space. I will ensure we all make a pact on our first call for all information remain private to this group. If you do not feel like sharing that is not a problem but I would encourage it. This is not a major part of the call so please do not get scared, like I said this is a safe space. We are all here for the same reason❤️

I will add everyone to the private Instagram page closer to the 21st of June. On this page I will have each weeks details up for you to look back over information covered. I will also be doing exclusive meditations saved to IGTV once or twice per week to remind you to keep up your practice.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask!

Lots of Love & Light

Katie x